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2 was a British top-break revolver using the . 38 Smith & Wesson). According to the "Blue Book of Gun Values", a Webley mark IV . It has NO import marks and instead of being marked 38 as on the israeli one it is marked 38 145/200. 380 in the U. Then about the end of WW1 the powers that be decided that the . Webley's Mk IV revolver was the predecessor of the Enfield No 2 Mk I, and both were adopted as a standard sidearm for the British Army during WWII. . The first versions were a big clunker in . and im trying to find out if the asking price of $525 is good for me, on par with what it should be, or good for the seller (sounds like its on consignment) webley mark iv ( war finish ) 38 cal. Picked this up at a gun show today: It's a Webley Mark IV in . Vulcanite grips. This specimen may be a civilian one, but the MK lV has been used by officers in the British Army as well. This pistol is all matched serial numbers. Some examples will be marked “WAR FINISH”, as Webley didn The Webley Mk IV . 38/200 caliber Webley Mk IV revolver, which as well as being nearly identical in appearance to the . Nr. This piece shows a bright excellent bore. 455 and . it is missing a screw on the trigger housing. K. The second is a smaller-frame . 38 SW Mark IV War Finish revolver. Webley Mk IV 38/200 revolver very good condition. 38/200 round manufactured from 1932 to 1957. 38/200 AKA . By David Tong. 38 and i know i have always liked older guns, but i don't know to much about these i know the name Webley. 38-200 caliber (interchangeable) or, like yours, in 450 and . The blued finish was then painted black when the pistol was first delivered to the British Army. Webley & Scott . The revolver has a fix rear square sight and a fixed front blade sight. I have taken plenty of pictures so you can see exactly what you are getting. Support the NRA and Protect Your 2nd Amendment Freedom in 2017 with this WEBLEY MARK IV “WAR FINISH”!. While it’s finish may be worn down, it’s soaked in history. These wartime production Webley revolvers were procured By the British Armaments Ministry to augment production of the Enfield No. 455 Webley. 38 145/200 The Webley line of pistols served the British Army officially since 1887, but unofficially since the 1870's, as then British Officers were expected to supply their own pistols. W. Save webley mk 1 to get e-mail alerts and updates 1996 WEBLEY MK IV . Bore is good and finish is in fair condition,no rust but has bluing loss and scrapes. If the firearm is to be shipped, you must provide me with a signed copy of your dealer's FFL (or your 03FFL if this is a Curio and Relic). the hammer spur is wide and the israeli one is thin. He custom made the case for it as well. WEBLEY & SON/LONDON & BIRMINGHAN, left side with, MARK "III" 38. 38-200; 85% blue, excellent bore, excellent grips, 5'' barrel, Marked " SPF 303" on the backstrap for the Singapore Police Force. 38/200 calibers have loyally served the soldiers of the British Empire for almost eighty years, turning them into a symbol of that time. 38. Price $1,911. Description. 38/200 Webley Mk IV. We have a used Webley Mark IV Top-Break Revolver for sale. 38 /200 revolver Manufactured in 1943 and marked “War Finish”. webley , model: mark iv , caliber: 38 s& w , 6 shot capacity, very good bore, numbers match on the barrel cylinder and frame, marked war finish, has an isreal proof mark on barrel, blade front sight, u notch rear sight, webley black polymer checkered grips, lanyard ring, holds cock indexes well action is tight, shows some light pitting wear and I have a Webley MK IV . 38-caliber and larger . It should be noted the the . My question is, how can I go about finding out the history of the gun, or the value? Webley & Scott Mark IV revolver, top break, . Open Monday - Friday 8:30-5:30 mst Saturday 10-3 mst Sunday Closed No large capacity mags available in Colorado or any other states with mag requirements. I have both, a 1934 No. In 98% mint crisp condition, we have a mint new Early Scarce 1943 production British WW2 Army Accepted Webley and Scott Mark IV . Mark revolvers, the Mark VI featured a square-butt grip and a dull finish that was . 455-caliber Webley revolvers. 38 caliber, where the . 38/200 British WWII Revolver. From 1915, the Mk VI was the standard sidearm for British and Commonwealth troops and was so for the remainder of World War I. All mechanicals function just fine. Be careful when looking to buy one of these. 22 LR, . It is serial number ‘94074’. Webley . Aug 17, 2016 Webley Mark IV Commercial pistol. Within a few years, revolver production was limited to the Mark IV . . Mine pictured above was built in 1944 . the overall condition is good. 22 barrel conversion Left side of frame marked Webley Patents Mark VI 1917. 38 caliber, six round cylinder, 5" barrel, bakelite checkered grips with Webley logo, lanyard ring, marked "War Finish" at left frame (for military use), brown leather holster marked MP4, SN 152XXX *REQUIRES FFL TRANSFER Start Price: $150. 1 and a "War Finish" Mk. It is serial number  Items 1 - 10 of 10 Webley & Scott MK IV 38 "War Finish" revolver. 2 Mk. Webley Mk IV - . Webley Number 2 Mark 1 38-200 Revolver Rig W. 38 S&W and . Excellent finish. C. A nice Webley Mark IV 38 revolver, good condition, with "War Finish" stamp. Would like to trade it for either some sort of FAL kit, a South African Enfield, or a nice No5 Jungle Carbine. : 115795, Lauflänge: 5", sechsschüssig, brünierte Ganzstahlwaffe mit modelltypischem Kipplauf, fixes Visier, die Oberseite des Laufes beschriftet mit: 'WEBLEY & SCOTT LTD', auf der linken Laufseite die Modellbeschriftung, die linke Rahmenseite beschriftet mit: "WAR FINISH", diverse Kontroll- und Abnahmestempel sowie 'Broad Arrow', raues Finish, schwarze Kunststoffgriffschalen mit der Description. 38 with a 5" barrel. 38/200 - Never use 38/200 in a Webley Mark III  Jun 21, 2013 Webley and Scott had produced revolvers for the British military for a long time. As a consequence around 126,000 Webley Mk IV . It’s like Brand new , recently Cerakote done , all parts are new like from Factory . This is a very good, original, WW2 'War Finish', British Officers's MK IV . British proofs, and "WAR FINISH" marked on right of gun. RSAF Enfield proved unable to manufacture enough No. Webley had been very proud of the high polish and superb finish applied to their commercial guns and hated the idea that it was not possible to maintain those standards under wartime conditions, so they expressed both their feelings and their apologies by marking the guns as "War Finish" so no one would think such work was up to their usual The Webley Mk IV . 455 caliber . Finish is about 85%, bore is clean and in very good condition, and grips are good. 38 Mark IV, numbers matching, very crisp rifling with bright and shiny bore, finish shows average wear. [Webley & Scott immediately tendered their . 380, is almost but not quite the . 32 Long S&W, . ), 38 S&W to you Americans Action Type: Lever Opening Top Break Double Action Revolver. see pics. The left side of the frame is marked War Finish. The left side is marked Mark IV . on top strap. 38 and . " $375 cash. Designed for the MK IV . 38/200. British Webley MKIV Revolver . The front sight shows modification, excellent grips and lanyard ring. 38 top break revolver in 38 S&W. 177, CO2 pellet revolver licensed by Webley that is a 1 to 1 scale reproduction of its British brother. Sep 17, 2012 The Webley & Scott Mk-IV revolvers in both . Beautiful reproduction Webley holster. I will comply with all Federal and State Laws. WWII production. Their mechanical functionality was not so much inferior to the pre-war models but the finishing of them was quite rough, so there is a ton of machining marks still on them and the bluing is rather poor. , Birmingham, for the Hong Kong police. 38 Webley Mark IV Description: Webley MkIV in 38 S&W with 5" barrel with war finish and holster. It's easy enough to disassemble the Mark IV, if you have the right tools. My great uncle is a very talented an honorable veteran of our great US Army. We are a FFL dealer that will handle all your transfer needs in and out of state. 38 Revolver. 455 Mark VI revolver, but was chambered for . The Webley Mk VI (. 38 in 100% condition is worth $450, in 95% condition, $350. Other stamps include the words 'WAR FINISH', 'MARK IV . Located in Dighton (Taunton), MA. 38" is the calibre. 38 spl). The Win Gun, Webley MK IV Replica made in Taiwan, is a . Top flat near break marked Webley & Scott LTD, with the left side near the break marked Mark IV . 38 S&W revolver, unmodified - mfct 1943, original war finish in excellent condition. 38 S&W snub. Government Proof mark, Government Ownership Mark,Government Inspector’s Mark. The British government contracted for all the Mk. The Webley has released Mk IV revolver chambered in the . With Webley . 38 S&W. The top of the frame is stamped 'Webley & Scott Ltd' & the right side 'WAR FINISH'. The large . World War I The Mk V was in use at the start of the war. Many Webley markings and proofs. Lot 896 . WEBLEY MARK IV, . 5 tons is the pressure. 38 S&W Revolver made during WWII, marked "War . This model exists in . Very cool pistols Te c h n i c a l i h a v e T h i s o l d g u n … w w w. 38 145/200 My great uncle who served in WWII gifted this Webley Mark IV to my father. it has some wear and small pitting. 00 SN 137023 is an excellent example of a WW2 Webley MK 4, . The Webley Revolver (also known as the Webley Top-Break Revolver or Webley Self-Extracting Revolver) was, a standard issue service pistol for the armed forces of the United Kingdom, and the British Empire and Commonwealth, from 1887 until 1963. Detailed Disassembly and Reassembly of the Webley Mark IV . The Enfield is better in all respects. Some places- notably New Zealand and Australia- still used the . 38 caliber, 5" barrel, S/N 121237. 380 (38 S&W) revovler. 38 caliber Webley Mk III pistol, designed for the police and civilian markets. Webley Mark IV 38-200 Revolver W. Webley Revolver was, in various marks, the standard issue service pistol for the armed forces of the United Kingdom, the British Empire, and the Commonwealth from 1887 until 1963. It is one of the innumerable revolvers produced by Webley & Scott from ca. The gun is 1005 complete and fully functional and is an all original Webley Mark II. 455/200, but is also well known as the "Boer War Revolver". It was made and issued to the British military during WWII, and is still Webley Mk IV . 455 Webley), remained in use until 1963; thus you have a revolver design that in its various iterations and chamberings was used continuously for more than three-quarters of a The smaller . The Webley & Scott Mk-IV revolvers in both . The demand was so great for the Mark IV during WWII that Webley did not have the time to finish the weapon properly, leaving grind marks, hence, wartime Mark IVs had “War Finish” stamped on the left A Webley Mark IV revolver in . While we are on A comparison between a war finish issued pistol and a commercial pistol. Description: Webley Mark IV WWII British Military Revolver in . I believe it is a WWII production gun, but don't know a lot about them and was wondering if anyone had any info on the markings on the side, specifically the right side: The . 38, with the right side marked Made in England. 38 Special is really less  Green/grey grip scales of synthetic fibre, original finish. All for sale by Steven Ashe on GunsAmerica - 905889146 Webley Mark IV . Although it cannot be denied that many . The British military cartridge, . With several import marks and broad arrow markings throughout. 38 Special. In 1942 the Mk IV was officially adopted for military service. 38 revolvers were purchased by the Ministry of Supply from 1940 onwards. o r g Photos by Hannele Lahti T he Webley revolver in . Top flat near break marked Webley & Scott LTD Birmingham. Buyer needs a LTC/FID. There are several proof marks on the barrel assembly. The gun has pearl grips, original war finish, sn# on every part, and is in immaculate shape. These were developed in the early 1920's and made well into the late 1960's. Save webley revolver parts to get e-mail alerts and 1970 WEBLEY Mark IV Revolver Exploded View Parts List 2-pg Assembly Article 1996 WEBLEY MK IV . 38 Smith & Wesson cartridge. webley mark iv ( war finish ) 38 cal. 38 S&W cartridge. 1897 until mid-1970. All leather construction with brass hardware. 97% , clear inspector/broad arrow markings and the "war finish" marking. 38 in 100% condition is worth $450, in 95 This auction is for a used but in very nice condition Webley & Scott LTD Mark IV British Top-Break Service Revolver with the WAR FINISH. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia. “War Finish”, Webley+Scott Ltd. Here is a photo of my Mark IV and Mark VI to show the size relation between the smaller . 38 has a lanyard ring. 38 caliber  This Webley is British property marked. On the left side of the frame it is stamped 'Mark IV . 455 was too much of an anvil to be lugging around and they downsized it to the 38/200 and called it the Webley Mark IV 38 . This pistol is chambered for 38 S & W (Short) and the chamber holds 6 shots. The Webley Revolver was, in various marks, a standard issue service pistol for the armed The Mk VI, introduced in 1915 during the First World War, is perhaps the . Could you - Answered by a verified Firearms Expert Striker fired. Marked "War Finish" with military acceptance marks on right side of frame. this revolver is old and used. Having a very distinctive look, the Mk VI featured a square-butt grip with lanyard ring and military models had a dull finish (like the airgun) that was less reflective than the blued finish previously seen on Webley & Scott military sidearms. Like a 45 colt but a case that is about half as long . This example bears the mark 'War Finish', which was intended to alert those seeing it to the fact that they could expect a superior standard of finish on peacetime Webley products. 38 revolvers (1940- 1941) numbers 43000 – 49999 The Mark IV Webley was manufactured between 1899 and 1913 and has been called the standard for Britain's military forces until after the Second World War. 00 Brand Webley Seller CodyM Available on Gunboards. no c&r ffl's !!!!! warning: Webley & Scott Mark IV revolver, top break, . The British, notably along with the Americans and Russians, became enamored with the large bore revolver for issuance to cavalry troops, officers and other combatants unable to wield a rifle due to table of organization doctrines of the time. Webley Military Mark IV . 38 was created in 1923 to arm the police force. 38 Mk IV and the . With the   Sep 13, 2018 2 revolvers accepted by the British military will have "War Finish" stamped on Mark IV . 38’. The cases will interchange, but they are shorter and fatter than the . 38/200 calibers have loyally served the soldiers of the British Empire for almost eighty years, turning them into a symbol of that time What is the value of a 38 caliber Webley revolver war finish serial 86255 in mint condition? According to the "Blue Book of Gun Values", a Webley mark IV . 38 Mk4 (IV, war finish) revolver; (grips) Bakelite, 'Webley' logo; barrel lug smooth; front and rear grip straps smooth and flat History note fully developed Mark IV form, with large frame, large grips, hammer with broad thumb-piece, and larger stirrup. Remember, the Enfield No 2 MK I revolver was just a knock-off of the . The gun is absolutely beautiful and clean for being over 70 years old. Left grip is mildly worn. The 5" barrel has no pitting and crisp rifling. If This came to be known as the Webley Mk IV . Right side of frame is stamped with s/n and, "WEBLY/PATENTS, left side with, winged bullet and T6566. Webley & Scott Mk. 455 Webley revolvers have survived being subjected for a long time to standard . 38 Webley. Note words "War Finish" on the frame, under cylinder. DSC_0595s  Results 1 - 11 of 11 Webley Mark IV Double-action Revolver, 20th century, serial a Webley & Scott service revolver, serial number 146299, . 38”, the left side of the frame is marked “War Finish”. We specialize in all military surplus weapons from AK-47s, AR-15s, Mausers, CETME, Enfields, UZIs, and much more! My great uncle who served in WWII gifted this Webley Mark IV to my father. My buddy and I each bought a Webley Mark 4 pistol back in 1960 because  Webley Mark 4. 5" Barrel. 38 caliber, plastic grips marked Webley, marked on the left side of the frame WAR FINISH, More . 455 calibers (interchangeable). This comes chambered in . War Finish was a Webley marking to show that it wasn't made to their commercial standard - during World War II the priority was speed of production and functionality not external cosmetics. 455 Mk IV are in fact different guns. All matching (Restricted status) Webley . 38/200 S&W for its 200-grain bullet load (. 38'. Yours will probably have a "war finish" stamp on it. Foundation Pawn is a locally owned and operated pawn shop. and excellent finish showing . The Mark IV is a true . The pistol's serial number is 72237. $38. Studio Webley Mark IV “War Finish” . Serial Number 112096. It was issued to officers, airmen, trench raiders, machine-gun teams and tank crews and proved a very reliable and hardy weapon. Condition is very good showing light holster & handling wear and minor nicks from service. it was made in 1941 and is also marked war finish but it has like 95% of the finish left. 38 Calibre - Stock Image Display of the World War One kit of a British infantry Lieutenant at the Historical  Excellent mechanical condition with rough bore. 455) and Mk IV (. All matching (Restricted status) Description: SN 137023 is an excellent example of a WW2 Webley MK 4, . 45 ACP ammunition, that is equivalent to having been fed a steady diet of proof loads. *No extra fees, You only pay for the cost of the item & $35 for shipping{AK&HI Extra} Arizona Residents Must Pay Sales Tax. 22 l caliber, 7" barrel, S/N 292839. Markings: The left side of the barrel assembly above the cylinder is marked “Mark IV . 38 War Finish serial #163335 . It has absolutely no rust or flaws and about 90-95% of the original war finish. 38 S&W Many of us, when we think of Webley revolvers, think of this iconic movie image, of Michael Caine and Stanley Baker playing Lieutenant Gonville Bromhead and Lieutenant John Chard in the 1964 movie Zulu , firing away with their Webley Mark VI in . I have a Webley Mark IV . Cylinder lockup is loose. 2 revolvers and were widely issued in 1939-45. Mark IV, "war finish. The Webley Mark IV is the military version of the Webley commercial Mark IV and was produced in WWII to supplement the production of the Enfield No. 2 revolvers and This Webley MK IV was made in 1945 and has a rough War Finish, which is so denoted on the left side of its frame. 2 Lend Lease To England Webley Revolvers used in WWII were NOT rechambered- they were new production from Webley & Scott. 38 war finish , Only for Open action Revolvers lovers . SN 137023 is an excellent example of a WW2 Webley MK 4, . 455 caliber was first adopted by the British . Webley Mk IV . This comes as shown in pictures. WEBLEY MARK IV 38-200 REVOLVER - D31861. SN 96623, 5" barrel with excellent bore, original war finish with light surface rust and grime, tight action, should clean to a higher grade. The revolver Webley . 00 What is the value of a 38 caliber Webley revolver war finish serial 86255 in mint condition? According to the "Blue Book of Gun Values", a Webley mark IV . The demand was so great that Webley had not the time to finish the revolver properly, and frankly they were embarrassed by the fact they had to leave grind and tool marks on the gun. The Webley Mk VI was developed during WWI and was accepted in 1915 as the official British sidearm. The Webley will fit perfectly into this holster. the internal mechanisms of the Enfield revolver and the Webley Mark IV revolver? Aug 13, 2016 After the First World War, Europe was scarred and shaken. You don’t buy this gun for competition or for self-defense, you buy it to feel closer to our collective past and to have a great range day with your dad. The Enfield No. Leather British Webley Revolver Holster. This example appears to have been made into a "cut away" for training purposes during WWII. I think about half a million were made in all; this one (128508) is from 1944 according to the Webley production tables. P. 38 Cal Revolver Exploded View Schematic Parts List AD Webley Mk Mark IV Pocket Revolver Indeed, the Mark I, Mark II and Mark III revolvers were in fact designed for black powder loads. This is deactivated gun. Only serious enquires no trade firm price . Webley Mark IV . 38 in 100% condition is worth $450, in 95 well my LGS just txt'd me saying they have a as said in title Webley Mk IV "War Finish" . There is a small import mark on the bottom of the barrel and all of the original The second one is marked on the top strap webley and scott birmingham. The Boer War lasted from 1899 to 1902. Webley Mark IV revolver using the Edwinson Green Stirrup Latch. Serial number on this item is 492XX, which should indicate manufacture in roughly 1941. In this video we shoot the last service revolver developed for the British armed forces, the Webley MK IV . 2 Production With Holster; Webley Mark VI 455 Webley 1917 Dated Converted to 45 A. Complete with Lanyard ring. Original war finish rates at about 90% with thinning of the grip frame, and standard edge wear from holstering and use. All you have to remember is that Colt won the West, but Webley won the Rest. 38 S&W with a heavier bullet. Looked like a factory stamp. Webley stamped these "War Finish" so as, I suspect, not to lose face! My old man has a Webley Mark IV . I saw a picture of an Webley Mk IV in . 455 Mark VI revolver of an impeccable craftsmanship, chambered for . for more info call 1-918-456-0853 ask for colt. 38 Cal More pics like Lot 698: **Webley & Scott Mark VI . Production of the Mk IV began in 1899, and was used by British troops in the 2nd Boer War against Dutch and Zulu combatants in South African Transvaal and Africaans regions. historic, historical, 1910s, 20th Webley Mark IV Military and police Revolver . Very fine example of a British, WWII Webley Mk IV revolver in 38 Smith & Wesson chambering. 455 caliber Mk VI revolver (albeit scaled down for the smaller cartridge), was based on their . All matching (Restricted status) Finish on a post war Webley . This example was made in 1954 by Webley & Scott, Ltd. 38-caliber revolver with a square butt grip and a 5" barrel. 2 revolvers to meet the military's wartime demands, and as a result Webley's Mk IV was also adopted as a standard sidearm for the British Army. Description: 572. Looking to trade off my Webley . Caliber: . 38 Mk IV Revolver Picked this up not long ago, its to go with my Matchless WD when its finished, its deactivated to pre EU spec, it had a problem in single action it would cock occasionally but breath on the trigger and it would fire and send the trigger forward, can only guess its down to the broke main spring (broke on the bottom of the bend) works fine just pulling the trigger etc. It was the standard British/Commonwealth sidearm in the Second World War, alongside the Webley Mk IV and Smith & Wesson Victory Model revolvers chambered in the same calibre. no c&r ffl's !!!!! warning: Webley mark IV. 2 Production; Colt Single Action Army 357 Magnum In The Stage Coach Box; Colt Model 1903 Pocket Hammerless Military W. 38 caliber, 4" barrel, S/N A76250. Top strap is stamped with, P. Lanyard attached to ring. It looked in good shape, but had a stamp "war finish". 38 Webley Special. 2 Mk I revolver. 38 S&W and not to be confused with the 4-inch barrel length Mark IV Service Model chambered in . Before 1942 there existed in calibre . 2, Mark  Feb 11, 2011 It's is about as nice a WAR FINISH British issue MkIV as you are likely to see with a It's in . Actually, it was initially a scaled-down version of the . com Location Concord Description. 22 Conversion Target DA Revolver Lot 698 . 38 is an accurate and enjoyable revolver. revolver. 38/200 (Called . Although superseded by the Edwinson Green Stirrup Latch system the Webley-Pryse revolvers were sturdy and reliable arms which saw service in both the First and Second World Wars, sometimes being handed down Webley started producing Air Pistols in 1924 and today still produce Air Pistols to the same design principle (see below the Tempest) The early Air Pistols were marked with serial numbers up to the beginning of World War 2. Blue finish, checkered hard rubber grips with Webley logo. This one is in The revolver is marked War Finish. The right side is marked [War Finish]. 1943 Webley & Scott Mark IV . we're going to stamp “War Finish” on the left side of the revolver, just so people But seriously, this is where the gun shines: The Webley Mk IV . 38/200 (not . This was stronger and locked with more certainty than the Pryse system. APEX Gun Parts is your source for hard to find gun parts, parts kits, and accessories. Webley Mark IVs made during the war were expedited in production. The Webley is a top-break revolver with extractor, removing the cartridges from the cylinder. 38/200) revolvers were still issued to Mk III & Mk IV (38S&W then. a m e r i c a n r i f l e m a n. In 1942 it was designated the official wartime service revolver of Great Britain. IVs that Webley could make, as this turned out to be a big war. 38 caliber revolver (serial # 148251). 38/200 remained in service until 1963 alongside the Enfield No. 38 S&W War Finish gifted to my father from his uncle who served in WWII. webley Mark 4 on the Webley barrel by the cylinder it tells to the caliber and it is stamped 3 1/2 ton. 38 revolver sn# 135907. When we were still allowed to carry out the deeply anti-social activity of target shooting with revolvers, I used to do very well with an Enfield against all comers. The smaller caliber Webley MK IV version, chambered in 38/200 caliber (. 455 Webley throughout the war, as well as the Enfield and whatever else they could get. The Webley revolver went through a number of changes, culminating in the Mk VI, which was in production between 1915 and 1923. This is currently cross posted on Calguns and falfiles. The revolver retains about 90%+ of a reapplied, dull blue-black finish that might be a war time First World War finish, or possibly a finish applied when the gun was imported from England. 38/200 Mk IV was introduced in 1923 and continued in production for 40 years. It started as a scaled-down version of the . 3. Finish is mostly worn to gray and is scattered patina. 767" is the case length. 1/9/19 - This is a nice, all original Webley Mark IV revolver that was manufactured in 1942. This is a top-break revolver chambered for the . This Webley MK IV was made in 1945 and has a rough War Finish, which is so denoted on the left side of its frame. You would know it is British from across the room; this is a Webley Revolver (also known as the Webley Top-Break Revolver or Webley Self-Extracting Revolver). The top of the frame is stamped 'Webley & Scott Ltd’ & the right side 'WAR FINISH'. Jan 28, 2019 The Webley Mark VI revolver was made for the military in World War I, . With the slightly weathered, Battlefield Finish this revolvers realism is almost off the charts. 455 Webley revolvers were retired in 1947, although the Webley Mk IV . Webley not included in sale The Webley & Scott Mk-IV revolvers in both . 38/200 The Webley & Scott Mk IV revolver is a War time model, immediately recognizable from the marking “War Finish” Webley & Scottʼs manufacturing mark. 00 Brand Webley Seller gallerygun4u Available on PAFOA Location Phoenixville Description. IV. 38 caliber Webley Mk IV remained in service with military and law enforcement until 1963. IV. Mechanically excellent with excellent bright bore. Reproduction Webley holster. 380 calibre 5" barrel, Service Revolver. Matching numbers. webley mark iv 38 war finish

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